Appalachian Flatfooting & Clogging Workshop with Kentucky Dancer/Musician Carla Gover

Learn some new steps, dive into the anatomy of a fiddle tune, and discover a simple, repeatable formula for improvising in Appalachian flatfooting & clogging, for free!

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In This Workshop for Beginning, Intermediate, and Improv-Loving Dancers



How to "Dance the Tune"

We'll start with my best strategies for getting a feel for a fiddle/banjo tune, along with a quick breakdown of the most common fiddle tune structure.


Creating muscle memory

We'll continue by learning some steps, as well as some strategies for really internalizing them and committing them to your muscle memory so that you can access them with fluidity when you dance.


The improv formula

I'll show you an easy formula that I use every time I dance, that will help you improvise with confidence so you can "dance the tune!"


How to change the way you show up on the dance floor!

In this class, I'm really excited to combine my love of Appalachian music, dance, and culture to help you gain a deeper understanding of how the dance fits with the music, how to practice for maximum results, and how to be a better improviser.

"You've helped me to feel confident that I can get up and dance to live music without feeling like a fool! After taking flatfooting workshops at several festivals, for the first time I'm FINALLY putting multiple steps together instead of just trying to do the same couple of steps over and over!"

ERIN MAE, dulcimer player/instructor

Need a shot of inspiration for your dancing?

Whether you are stuck and unsure of the next steps to take in your dance journey, you're frustrated by the lack of teachers or community where you live, or you've mainly learned routines in the past and want to be a better improviser, this workshop can be the turning point for your dancing.

Technology has made our world smaller, and now we can come together online with opportunities to learn no matter where you are or what your schedule!

Join me to get a full breakdown of my formula for improvising in flatfooting and clogging, in a FUN, informative, and culturally-rich way, as well as a taste of what you'll experience in-depth inside my Appalachian Flatfooting & Clogging Academy digital course.

A Personal Invitation from Carla ...

I’m from Eastern Kentucky, and I’ve spent my whole life learning and sharing the beautiful cultural, musical, and dance heritage of our region. 

After teaching thousands of students over the past 28 years I’ve discovered the methods that help my students really learn and internalize not just the dance steps, but the relationship they have with the music of the mountains. 

This new workshop is a culmination of what I’ve learned about helping my students become confident, fluent improvisers and dancers.

If you’re interested in dancing to live music, learning more steps, and having more fun, I can’t wait to share what I have learned with you so that this can be the year you finally become the dancer you’ve dreamed of being!

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